SEO Copywriting Services in Cairns

What is SEO Copywriting? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is simply about using words to optimise websites for search engines.

Our SEO copywriting services will promote your services and products directly to the targeted audience. We use White Hat and organic SEO skills to provide a natural growth in ranking for your website.

We guarantee traffic to your website will increase!

Some copywriters make the mistake of writing purely for the search engines and that creates copy that doesn't read well. Zen Web Design SEO copywriting is completed with both search engines and humans in mind, meaning search engines will rank your website highly, whilst your customers are presented with an easy to read and informative text.

We combine the strength of design, programming, SEO skills and exceptional copywriting to achieve the highest results for our clients.

To make sure your website stands out of the crowd, contact us.

Cairns SEO Copywriting Services

Professional SEO Copywriting Services:

SEO website content
Social Media Profile building
Blog Marketing
Sales Letters
PPC Landing pages
Article Marketing


  • from$150excl. GST
    PSD to HTML5

    Let us code your design. Every web page we make is hand−coded Semantic HTML

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  • from$500excl. GST
    One Page Website

    Domain & Hosting, custom website design, 1 page coding, basic SEO

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  • from$1,250excl. GST
    Starters Package

    Domain & Hosting, custom website design, 4 pages coding, search engine optimisation

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  • from$3,500excl. GST
    E−Commerce Website

    Domain & Hosting, custom website design, 6 pages coding, PayPal, CMS & SEO.

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  • Waterfern Builders

    Waterfern Builders

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, Business Cards. 

  • Pest Control Cairns

    Pest Control Cairns

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, Domain & Hosting, SEO. 

  • Fillsites Australia

    Fillsites Australia

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, Google Maps, CMS System, SEO. 

  • Tha Fish Restaurant

    Tha Fish Restaurant

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, CMS System, Domain & Hosting, SEO. 

  • Just Call Us

    Just Call Us

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, responsive coding, CMS System, Domain & Hosting, PayPal Integration, SEO 

  • Host an Aupair

    Host an Aupair

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, responsive coding, CMS System, PayPal Integration, SEO 

  • Sommserset Realty

    Sommserset Realty

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, Responsive website, CMS System, Domain & Hosting 

  • Cairns Psychologists

    Cairns Psychologists

    Graphic Design, CSS Coding, Responsive website, Domain & Hosting